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Have you ever thought about running your own business?  

Do you enjoy meeting new people and getting out and about?

Would you like the flexibility of  working hours built around your family ?

If so then running a Bits and Bobs magazine franchise in YOUR area could just be right for you.

You will need to be comfortable with basic technology and own a lap top or PC , a mobile phone and a car are also essential.  However you can leave the creative and technical side up to us whilst you use your people skills to build a client base in YOUR area and watch your business grow.  We very much regard the Bits and Bobs Magazine Group as a family and you will also benefit from the client base we already hold and have done so for many years.

For a realistic outlay you will receive full training and backup to get you up and running.  We then charge a basic service fee to prepare and print the magazines but everything else is up to you!!

And best of all you will get the knowledge that we here at Bits and Bobs have gained in the 18 years since we launched.

Interested?  To find out more and have a no obligation consultation please call Jane or Lesley on 01787 478878 or e mail